Is postnatal yoga right for me?

October 1, 2020by Nitin GautamBlog

Is postnatal yoga right for me?

October 1, 2020 by Nitin Gautam

Whether you’re becoming a new mum for the first time or you’re adding your last baby to your family one thing that is for sure is that the postpartum experience is different for every woman  and every baby she brings into the world. The first few months post birth is often spent in the newborn haze – while your body heals and you adjust to the new little human you’ve created being a part of the outside world. But eventually, whether it’s 6 weeks after birth, 6 months after birth or many years after birth you’ll feel ready to bring some form of exercise and self care back into your routine. Yoga is a wonderful practice no matter what stage of life you’re currently in. But for new mums returning to exercise, yoga can be a mindful way to transition back into your normal workout routine. 


How will I know I’m ready to start postnatal yoga?

Most new mums have been told about their “6 week check”. It’s the period when your body is meant to be healed from childbirth and ready to return to life as normal. However, the reality is that returning to exercise in any capacity will differ greatly from woman to woman.  As you plan to return to exercise it’s important to check with your GP that you are physically and mentally ready. If you fear you might be suffering from pregnancy and birth related issues such as Abdominal Separation (diastasis recti) it is important to check with a physiotherapist that it is safe to return exercise in any capacity. A physio will be able to work through any potential limitations you face when it comes to exercise as a result of both pregnancy and birth.


Postnatal yoga supports your physical and mental journey postpartum 

Any form of exercise after childbirth is beneficial both physically and emotionally. However postnatal yoga utilises movement, balance and relaxation to support your body throughout the recovery from birth. Unlike other forms of exercise, postnatal yoga helps heal the body and the mind.

According to Birthzang there are a number of core benefits to postnatal yoga. These include;

  • Restoring hormonal balance
  • Eases pressure on the nervous system
  • Helps build up strength in the back and spine (which helps keep you strong to carry around those heavy babies)
  • Minimises the effects on your body of holding and feeding a baby
  • Provides rest and relaxation
  • Helps reduce anxiety, and depression
  • Helps restore your core strength and abdominal muscles.
  • Renews energy
  • Allows yourself some time for you
  • Helps quieten the mind

Yoga and Greenwood Physio

Greenwood Physio currently offers yoga classes which can be altered to suit your needs postpartum. With the support from our in-practice physiotherapy services you will be able to ensure you have a safe and gentle return to exercise. For more information about our yoga classes head to our Yoga and Pilates page on our website.

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