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Our trained professional Physiotherapists set providing quality care as their common goal for patient satisfaction & care, support and highly tailored treatment to each individual. Our friendly team are always here to help with pain, injury, age care, rehabilitation and much more. Our practice has been accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).


Our main mission at Greenwood Physio is delivering exceptional quality care and thereby we maintain a high level of patient satisfaction, leading to a higher level of patient retention.


At Greenwood Physio, we aim to provide a high standard of treatment services to anyone in need, upholding the highest ethical standard.


Greenwood Physio’s core values are teamwork, integrity, ownership, and being client-centred and focused.

Nitin Gautam

Greenwood Physio was established in 2012 by the Director, Nitin Gautam. The business started small and developed into what it is today, with full-time, part-time and casual team members. Our vision is to create a truly unique practice that delivers the best outcome physiotherapy services to each individual.

Greenwood Physio highly values integrity, teamwork, ownership and innovation. We value maintaining the highest professional standards with open and honest communication. The Greenwood Physio team consists of respectful, professional and supportive health professionals who take ownership of their actions with the ‘’we will say what we do and do what we say’’ attitude.

We have a client centred approach by regularly engaging and connecting with clients, acting on opportunities to grow and improve from their feedback. Greenwood Physio is growing and expanding everyday by providing outstanding service to clients.

Email: nitin.gautam@greenwoodphysio.com.au

Meet Our Team

The Greenwood Physio team consists of our highly trained Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Massage Therapists, who are registered and members of APA, ALA and AAMT, and passionate about their work.

Practice Team

Niyati Gautam

Senior Physiotherapist

Niyati’s main areas of interest include lymphoedema management, musculoskeletal injuries and women’s health.

Niyati is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Australian Lymphology Association.

Madhura Salvi

Physiotherapist | Exercise Physiologist

Madhura has five years of hands-on physiotherapy experience.

Madhura is Greenwood Physio’s Studio lead, running sessions in Reformer and Mat Pilates as she’s proficient in group fitness sessions.

Kanhav Goyal


Kanhav has experience in post-surgical rehabilitation for procedures such as hip, knee and shoulder replacements, fractures, ACL’s, meniscus, and repairs.

Kanhav’s clinical skill-set includes soft tissue massage, sports taping and exercise prescription.

Krishna Halai


Krishna completed her physiotherapy degree at Curtin University in 2020.

Krishna has a passion for working with patients on their overall goals in therapy sessions. Her areas of interest are pre or post-surgical rehabilitation, NDIS and sports & work-related injuries.

Lillian Bathman


A dedicated physiotherapist, Lilli holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from James Cook University.

With a strong focus on injury prevention and exercise rehabilitation, she collaborates closely with clients, utilising a comprehensive skill set including dry needling, soft tissue massage, and hydrotherapy to facilitate pain-free recovery and improve quality of life.

Fabio Vigorito


Fabio, a registered Physiotherapist with over seven years of experience, offers personalised care with evidence-based techniques. His expertise includes soft tissue massage, dry needling, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise prescription.

He’s dedicated to continuous learning and specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy for optimal outcomes.

Dhara Sanghavi


Dhara, a Curtin University graduate, excels in private practice with musculoskeletal and sporting injuries expertise. She specialises in vestibular rehabilitation, helping patients with dizziness and balance issues, and provides professional development and mentoring.

Outside work, she enjoys family time and staying active with badminton and gym training.

Erwin Fernando


Rin, a dedicated physiotherapist, has over a decade of experience in musculoskeletal, neurological, and sports-related musculoskeletal conditions.

He empowers patients in their recovery, stays updated through professional development, and enjoys video games, movies, and hikes in his free time.

Christopher Chan

Senior Physiotherapist

Unavailable for appointments — currently on leave until 2024.

Chris treats dizziness or vertigo, which are common symptoms that Vestibular Physiotherapy can help in most cases. He can extensively assess the issue and based on diagnosis, can treat or rehabilitate the issue, or refer onwards for further treatment.

Kane Nordmann

Massage Therapist

Kane is a professional and personable remedial massage therapist specialising in a holistic approach to pain relief.

With a skilful combination of techniques, including deep tissue, Swedish, and myofascial release, he’s dedicated to helping clients achieve a pain-free and relaxed state.

Aged Care Team Team

Matthew Phillips

Team Lead | Physiotherapist

Preema John


Nissie Voola


Kinnary Batavia


Administration Team

Caitlin Hickey

Reception | Marketing

Cynthia Lewis


Daksha Vekaria

Administration Coordinator

Diane Molnar

Resource Coordinator

Jamillah Kaldy


Judith Anand


Klimentina Gavriloski


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