Workers Compensation

What is workers compensation?

The Australian worker’s compensation & injury management scheme is designed to help workers return to work successfully following a work-related injury or illness – work cover WA.

Physiotherapy services may be provided to workers who have sustained a workplace injury. evidence shows early, and accurate physiotherapy intervention can reduce the injury length and promote early return to work.



How do i get started?

Contact the Greenwood Physio team to make an appointment once you have adhered to your workplace’s worker’s compensation guidelines.

To start your physiotherapy treatment under workers compensation with us You will need to provide the following details.

  • Claim acceptance letter from your relevant insuring company from work

  • Claim details – including claim number, case manager name & contact details

  • Gp referral for physiotherapy 

Who is responsible for billing ?

Once you’ve received plan approval, all fees from Greenwood Physio are directed to the insurance company with no out of pocket expense for clients in most cases. However, in the case where a physiotherapy service isn’t covered by insurance, as well as any treatment outside of the proposed plan will be the client’s responsibility.

What about the price gap?

What is the price gap? A price gap occurs when your treatment areas aren’t covered on your worker’s compensation fund. Plan pricings for physiotherapy is based on worker’s compensation fees by Work cover WA – not all allied health providers charge based on this schedule, Which increases the possibility of a price gap.

Greenwood Physio treatment sessions are primarily based on the price schedule provided by Work Cover WA rates with some physiotherapy service area exceptions to the schedule.

Need more information? just ask!

If you want to know more about Greenwood Physio’s worker’s compensation services, please feel free to contact us or a member of our team for any questions you have or potential session booking inquiries.

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